System dynamics, which was the last created science is a mean of understanding the behaviour of complex systems over time. An example would be the feedback of biometric signals that would affect in a pre-established way behaviour, using senatorial stimulus. Thanks to the models acquired, biofeedback systems open new horizons for behavioural therapies. www.disalter.com has as main objective, the capture and analysis of data collected by biofeedback systems and the set of medical, pedagogical and recreational protocols established.
New low-cost equipments that have recently begun to appear in the market predict a strong demand due to its extensive applications, medical, recreational, physiological research, which are often used without enough knowledge of its consequences or its possible impact, either positive or negative . www.disalter.com, takes seriously the commitment in resolving moral conflicts arising from the use of this new equipments, giving positive guidance to developers, patients and therapists and by spreading the theory of everything related to biofeedback systems .
We found that the most adequate way to respect and achieve our goals and commitments, knowing we have the technical knowledge required, starts by producing biometric equipment, electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram, electrodermogram, electromiogram, pneumatography and iris scanner, technically rather simple, in it’s development and production being this studies more than halve a century old and of public domain. Essentially the technical complexity underlies in the digitalization of the data acquired, fact-sheets that now a days are being consolidated and publicly available from the producers of processors for such applications. Disalter bets for free software and free knowledge as those are the keys to development.